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HARDCOVER | 334 pgs. | PUB DATE: 7/20/21
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What it's got:

  • convicted serial killer
  • more murders
  • true crime podcast show
  • small West Virginia town
  • brother & sister
  • creepy characters

"An infectious mix of thriller
 and social commentary...
-Publishers Weekly

"I couldn't look away!"

"chock-full of transient
characters seeking truth
and belonging"

"Paradise, WV strikes
like a copperhead"

"exceptional storytelling"

"a literary pleasure"

"a heart-pounding thrill ride"

"family dysfunction counter-
point a complex mystery
about a serial killer"

"a thrilling, creeptastic ride"

"Paradise, WV takes readers on
 a heart-pounding thrill ride that exposes the dark underbelly of humanity. In it, the opioid crisis cults, and family dysfunction counterpoint a complex mystery about a serial killer haunting a West Virginia town and the children of a wrongfully- convicted murderer who'll do anything to prove their father's innocence. Rufus's prose is sharp and cutting; his damaged characters painfully realistic and memorable. Lovers of both the horror and mystery genres will find much to enjoy in this macabre thriller."

-D.K. Stone, Giller Prize nominated author of Edge of Wild, The Dark Divide, and Fall of Night

"Rufus's thriller was an atmospheric ride that started quick, had me holding on for dear life through the twists and turns, and swept me up to a stunning and surprising end.

-CL Walters, author of The Stories Stars Tell

"Paradise, WV strikes like a copperhead, filled with dark hilarity, crackling appalachian gothic mystery, and buzzsaw punk rock energy. Fans of Elmore Leonard, Harry Crews, and Daniel Woodrell, take note."

-Jeff Zentner, award-winning author of The Serpent King

"What do you get when you have a story about friendship, family and hope intertwined with a town overridden with drug addiction, a cult and a serial killer? Rufus' seamlessly-told tale Paradise, WV. Rufus' exceptional storytelling showcases the novel's distinctive characters through their flaws, their actions and their motivations. Always engaging and never lacking in satisfaction, paradise, WV is a literary pleasure."

-Cyn Vargas, author of On The Way

"Rufus's multi-layered page-turner about cults, murder, and deep dark secrets is a thrilling, creeptastic ride from the punch-you-in-the-gut beginning to an EPIC ending you won't see coming."

-Candace Ganger Powell, author of six goodbyes we never said

"unsettling and unforgettable, Paradise, WV walks a line between pulp fiction and compassionate storytelling."

-Foreword Reviews