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Doctor Who Psychology (2nd Edition): Times Change

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Revised and updated for our changing times, the second edition of Doctor Who Psychology: Times Change explores the alien in us all. 

  • How does an immortal deal with death?
  • What can an ancient Time Lord teach us about real human nature?
  • Why does the Doctor say he and Freud “got on very well”?
  • How do the Daleks and Cybermen reflect concerns about losing our humanity?
  • And what new challenges loom ahead when the Doctor regenerates as a woman?

Hailed as the “most successful sci-fi series ever made” (Guinness World Records), Doctor Who has been a cult-classic for more than half a century. And though time may not be the boss—Rule 408—as times change, so too do social norms and psychological challenges, which have paved the way for a new kind of Doctor who can appeal to the modern viewer.

Travis Langley’s fascinating in-depth collection delves into the psychology behind the time-traveling Doctor in his many iterations—as men and women—as well as his companions and his foes. With a foreword by Third Doctor Companion Katy Manning, an introduction to the second edition, and new interviews with actors who have played Doctors new and old, Doctor Who Psychology: Times Change travels through the how and why of Who.

Contributors to the second edition include:

Jenna Busch * Erin Currie * Jim Davies * Kristin Erickson * Wind Goodfriend * Daniel Hand * David Kyle Johnson * Billy San Juan * Deirdre Kelly * Alan Kistler * Travis Langley * Katy Manning * Justine Mastin * Matt Munson * Miranda Pollock * Stephen Prescott * Sarita Robinson * Aaron Sagers * Daniel Saunders * Janina Scarlet * William Sharp

Format: Hardcover