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Peak Performance Fitness: Maximizing Your Fitness Potential Without Injury or Strain

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Does Your Fitness Program Really Fit You?

Do you have a personal predisposition to injury? Do you know what it is?  Has any health professional (or book) ever explained to you the need for a postural evaluation to assess what you should—or shouldn’t—do in your workout?

When it comes to exercise, most people have the best intentions. What they often lack is the best information. As a result, they often injure themselves while exercising and cannot reach or maintain their peak fitness level.

Protect Yourself by Reshaping Your Workout

Columbia University trained physical therapist Jennifer Rhodes gives the reasons behind most common exercise injuries and outlines a program that will strengthen and lengthen your muscles while correcting your alignment. She explains why sit-ups don’t work, biceps curls are a waste of time, and your knee pain may be caused by a foot problem.

Her book contains over 20 illustrated exercise routines, clear anatomical explanations with drawings, and charts to track your progress. You will learn:

  • how different body parts work and how to balance them
  • how to activate key muscles that most workouts neglect
  • how to customize an exercise program for yourself
Whether you are new to exercise or an elite athlete, Peak Performance Fitness is a program you are sure to return to again and again!
Format: Paperback