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Positive Options for Crohn's Disease: Self-Help and Treatment

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It’s painful. It’s upsetting. Here’s what you can do.

Seven out of every 10,000 Americans have Crohn’s disease. If you’re one of them, you’re all too familiar with the symptoms of abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever. You also know how traumatic and embarrassing this chronic inflammatory bowel disease can be. This book — written by an acclaimed physician and author — is an easily accessible, comprehensive look at all aspects of the disease, including risk factors, signs and symptoms, and diagnosis. Most important, it addresses what can be done:

Treatment: the most up-to-date available, including a wide range of natural and prescription medications. Highly effective surgical options are also covered, along with detailed, practical advice about life (including sex) after surgery. By featuring real-life stories of patients who have undergone these operations, the book can help to alleviate anxiety about the procedures.

Self-care: dietary changes are key, and are described in detail — from constructing your optimal personal diet to boosting the immune system through nutrition and following special diets when necessary. The book also addresses important lifestyle changes that can alleviate the depression and anxiety that often accompany chronic illness.

Many case studies are included — the inspiring stories of people whose personalized treatment plans have helped them live productive, fulfilling lives. Other helpful chapters include an overview of the digestive system; the manifestations of the disease in different age groups; and information on ongoing research. A comprehensive resources section lists organizations to contact for further information.

This encouraging book will be an invaluable aid for you and your friends and family members. With it, you can explore the positive options for beating Crohn’s disease and living well once again.

Format: Paperback