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Rx Sex: Making Love Is the Best Medicine

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Your Prescription for Good Health —and a Great Relationship

People don’t often think of lovemaking as a way to improve their health, but accord- ing to expert Dr. Barbara Keesling, loving sexual exchange can enhance physical, emotional and spiritual wellness in real—and amazing—ways. And the same lovemaking includes all the elements necessary for a healing relationship: touch, communication, physical activity and playfulness.

Rx Sex asks what you want to heal—emotions, physical problems or relationship—and directs you to the setting and exercises that are right for you. Adults of any age, sexual orientation and level of fitness can perform the exercises, which progress from simple to advanced. The positive effects of this loving prescription include:

Physical benefits

  • Strengthening your immune system, breathing and circulation
  • Giving you healthier-looking skin, hair and eyes
  • Relieving pain and helping to improve chronic conditions

Mental and emotional benefits

  • Helping you overcome depression and anxiety
  • Improving concentration and memory
  • Restoring a positive body image and a sense of joy

Relationship benefits

  • Finding and bonding with a true partner
  • Discovering the difference between having sex and making love
  • Enriching your partnership with intimacy, mutuality and commitment

No pills to swallow, no shots to endure—just exciting, fulfilling lovemaking. What  better prescription could there be for you and your partner—or your relationship?

Format: Paperback