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The Advocate (A Darcy Cole Novel, #1)

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Criminal defense attorney Darcy Cole is facing one of the biggest cases of his distinguished career, but at the same time he must deal with his own midlife crisis. He has just won an acquittal for his client—beautiful, self-centered Lynne Tobias—from the charge of murdering her husband, a prominent Chicago attorney. But now Cole and Tobias are facing federal charges of conspiracy to defraud an insurance company in connection with the death of her husband.

This new charge has been brought by the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, Owen Dempsey, who is running for governor. He knows that prosecuting Tobias will provide him with massive, and free, election-year publicity. A notorious self-promoter, Dempsey has a reputation as a ruthless politician with an infallible knack for getting the right kind of headlines.

Cole, however, is exhausted, worn out. A brilliant criminal defense attorney, he has made his career the central focus of his life. While he appears to be a successful man, he has had no personal life since his wife divorced him years earlier. He feels old and lost and weary. During his sleepless nights, he sits alone in his penthouse apartment overlooking Lake Michigan, trying to imagine what sort of lives the people on the expressway below live, remembering the mistakes he's made, and wondering if he has anything to show for his life.

Filled with brilliant legal maneuverings and surprise after surprise, The Advocate spins a complicated, frightening, often humorous path through a spectacular federal trial, ruthless organized crime activity, a verdict that is totally unexpected, and a conclusion that will leave even the most avid mystery readers wondering why they didn't see it coming. 

Format: Hardcover