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29 Things to Know About Catholicism

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The Pope. The Holy Eucharist. The Blessed Virgin Mary. The Seven Sacraments.

Catholicism is filled with great mysteries, so you've probably been confused about this 2,000-year-old religion at one time or another. In 29 Things To Know About Catholicism, the Catholic Church is beliefs are explored in easy-to-understand terms for the devout Catholic and the curious non-Catholic alike.

This quick go-to guide helps answer these questions:

  • Was the Catholic Church the first Christian church?
  • Do Catholics worship Mary and pray to saints?
  • How do I know what to do in Mass with all its Latin chants and prayers, kneeling, holy water, confession, and communion?
  • Does the communion bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ?
  • Can the priest—a human–forgive sins?
Format: Paperback