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303 Tween-Approved Exercises and Active Games

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When it comes to fitness, tweens may need parents and teachers to keep up!

No longer satisfied with the simple games of childhood, tweens want activities that test their developing mental and physical skills. They like to exercise their independence while they flex their muscles, and the key to success lies in finding exercises and games that can keep up with their changing needs. Tweens who are active and engaged in physical play are building healthy habits that can last a lifetime. 

These fitness activities help develop 

  • Muscle Strength
  • Goal Setting
  • Friendly Competition
  • Determination
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Teamwork 

Challenge your tween with these exciting and complex activities 

From circuit training and obstacle courses to strength training, this book is filled with exercises that were chosen for their appeal to a wide range of developing personalities. Wechsler also provides guidance for motivating tweens and includes examples of exercise combinations and schedules to help keep physical fitness fun and challenging. 

Many of the activities in 303 Tween-Approved Exercises and Active Games incorporate friends and classmates as teammates or opponents, encouraging group play, leadership and the desire to do it all again. Helpful icons indicate group size, space and equipment needs. Parents and teachers will find it easy to adapt activities for skill level and variety, and may find themselves participating in and enjoying the games just as much as the tweens. 

With so many options for fun and excitement, how could any tween resist the opportunity to exercise?

Format: Paperback