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A Time Between

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Set against the thrilling backdrop of the Jazz Age—an era when anything goes, A Time Between is the brilliant successor to critically acclaimed Hers the Kingdom, from bestselling novelist Shirley Streshinsky.

Ambitious and determined, Hallie Duer craves to be at the center of her epoch—with Prohibition and bootleg gin, Model Ts and moving pictures, Red roundups and the routine lynching of Negroes. The old order is in upheaval, and the emerging new order is at last allowing extraordinary women their long-deserved place in the sun.

In this uncommon love story, Hallie, a consummate observer by profession, learns to become a passionate participant when she falls in love with a dynamic Irish lawyer, who is married but separated from his wife. The course of their involvement is complicated by Catholic convention and a dark secret from the past, but self-possessed Hallie is determined to experience an all-consuming love, no matter the cost.

With bold perseverance, pain, disappointment, and a passionate affair they said could never be, A Time Between relays the remarkable tale of a woman who dares to defy her time and place in history.

Format: Paperback