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American Medical Association Guide to Talking to Your Doctor

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The last time you visited your doctor, did you . . .
* hesitate to ask a question-and leave without the answer you needed?
* not understand your doctor's explanation of your illness or its treatment?
* wish you could be more in control of your healthcare?

You can take control. The more you know about your healthcare needs and the more actively you work with your doctor, the better healthcare you will receive. In this concise, easy-to-understand book, the American Medical Association-the world's most prominent organization of physicians-demystifies the relationship between patient and doctor and guides you in building an ongoing dialogue with your healthcare provider.
Using nontechnical language and a reassuring tone, the American Medical Association Guide to Talking to Your Doctor explains:
* What your doctor needs to know about you and what he or she looks for in an examination
* How to understand a diagnosis and discuss treatment options and goals
* When and how to ask for a second opinion
* How to speak for a child or older person in your care
* How to discuss sensitive subjects such as sexuality, drug dependence, depression, and family violence
* Your rights and responsibilities as a healthcare consumer
* Where to go for more help and information

Encouraging, authoritative, and thorough, the American Medical Association Guide to Talking to Your Doctor empowers you to communicate better with your doctor so that you can work together to achieve a common goal-your good health.
For more than 150 years, the American Medical Association has been the leading group of medical experts in the nation and one of the most respected health-related organizations in the world. The AMA continues to work to advance the art and science of medicine and to be an advocate for patients and the voice of physicians in the United States.

Format: Paperback