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Clearly Keto for Healthy Brain Aging and Alzheimer's Prevention

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Finally, an in-depth look at the things you can do—and the things you should avoid—to delay, slow down, or possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders of the aging brain.

Billions of dollars and decades of Alzheimer’s research targeting the hallmark plaques and tangles in the brain have failed to produce a meaningful treatment for people with the disease. Drawing from the extensive research into ketogenic dietary intervention that dramatically improved her husband’s early onset Alzheimer’s disease, Mary T. Newport offers new and practical approaches to taking control of the lifestyle risk factors in our everyday lives that threaten healthy brain aging.

Clearly Keto for Healthy Brain Aging and Alzheimer’s Prevention provides the rationale and a detailed plan for adopting a whole food ketogenic Mediterranean-style diet to overcome insulin resistance and provide ketones as an alternative fuel to the brain.
Format: Paperback