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Day of the Dove

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Only days until the ultimate horror is unleashed

In this nail-biting political thriller, cinematographer Thane Adams films a documentary in Africa, when he comes across villages where the natives have died en masse.

As Ebola and other deadly viruses are discounted as the cause of these mass deaths, Thane’s plans to use his disaster footage on TV news are totally disrupted when thugs posing as CIA agents try to detain him in New York.

When Thane finds his publicist murdered and meets Danielle Wilkes, who’s being chased by the same goons, they both realize that they are caught in an overpowering web of conspiracy. The villages in Africa were simply a test—the true purpose of the deadly force—a plot by Muslim Militants who have captured a new technology to destroy cities in the United States.

The deadly “city killer bomb” is ironically named “The Dove.” As this prophetic tale continues, one man and one woman battle against an ominous new technology that could kill millions and alter the world balance of power forever.

There are 14 days until the ultimate horror is unleashed. The countdown begins––only 14 pivotal, spine-tingling days until the Day of the Dove.

Format: Paperback