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Dotson: My Journey Growing Up Transgender

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A memoir about what it’s like when they think you’re their daughter, but you know you’re their son.

For as long as he could remember, Grayson has known he is a boy, not a girl. While his identical twin sister wore princess dresses and danced ballet in a tutu, Grayson preferred his Spider-Man costume or sweats. He was uncomfortable in anything considered “girly.” People called him a tomboy, but he knew that wasn’t right either. He explained to his mother, “I know I’m supposed to be your daughter, but I feel more like your son. I guess I’m your… Dot-son.”

Grayson is now twelve years old. This is his story about what it’s like growing up transgender—from small moments, like getting a new haircut or playing football, to the big life events, like choosing a bathroom, coming out to his friends, and picking a new name. Filled with humor and joy, Dotson is a thought-provoking and honest story of one boy’s journey to becoming his best and truest self and sharing that with the world.

The book also includes helpful resources for transgender kids and families.

Format: Hardcover