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Double Lives

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Terrifying True Crime Stories

"What makes Double Lives so terrifying is that these events are real. After 20 years as a cop, these are the stories that keep me up at night." ─Sgt. Joseph Kuns, LAPD

#1 New Release in True Crime and Espionage

Eric Brach's true crime book Double Lives: True Tales of the Criminals Next Door offers terrifying true stories about the criminals hidden among us and the banality of evil and crime, elevated by its frank discussion of the nation-wide criminal scourge of the moment: opioid addiction.

A true crime roller-coaster. Double Lives chronicles the very monsters who walk unnoticed among us─even serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, or John Wayne Gacy. They are neighbors and students, professionals and friends living out criminal double lives. Double Lives is both a nonfiction exposé and a nationwide search that details the exploits of some of the worst criminals in recent American history, all of whom succeeded in going undetected for years while perpetrating one crime after another… and all in their own hometowns. Gender? Race? Age? Socioeconomic class? It doesn’t matter.

Double Lives a sensational yet sobering read. The author also provides a personal look at opioid addiction and its current effects right alongside binge-worthy tales of two-faced criminals caught and incarcerated.

If you're a fan of true crime or serial killer books such as Pretty Little Killers, Mind HunterIf You Tell, The Pale-Faced Lie, or The Big Book of Serial Killers, you'll love Double Lives.

Format: Paperback