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Dumpster Dying

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Henny Wiley has a problem...she's a bit of a collector. Well, collector might be an understatement. She's a full-blown hoarder!

Henny doesn't see it that way though. She considers herself a finder of lost treasures and the only thing Henny loves more than a great deal at a yard sale is to head to the parking lot of her favorite hobby store and search through their dumpster for bright new shiny things.

During one such dumpster dive, Henny makes a horrific discovery...the dead body of a young woman she had a soft spot for. Determined to find out who murdered her friend Henny drags along her recently deceased husband Walter (who obviously has problems of his own!) and her long-suffering sister Ida Mae as back-up.

But the murderer is paying attention and if Henny's not careful, the next body dying in a dumpster will be her own!

Format: Hardcover