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Erwin Schrodinger and the Quantum Revolution

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A lively, fascinating biography of the father of quantum mechanics by the bestselling author of the science classic, In Search of SchrÖdinger's Cat

Erwin SchrÖdinger, best known for his famous “SchrÖdinger's Cat” paradox, is one of the most famous physicists of the early twentieth century and a member of a new generation of quantum physicists, including Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, and Niels Bohr. Yet SchrÖdinger's scientific discoveries only scratch the surface of what makes him so fascinating. More rumpled than Einstein, a devotee of eastern religion and philosophy, and infamous for his alternative lifestyle, his major contribution to physics—and the work for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1933—was to some extent a disappointment to him. Regardless, SchrÖdinger's masterpiece became an important part of the new physics of his time. This book tells the story of SchrÖdinger's surprisingly colorful life during one of the most fertile and creative moments in the history of science.

  • The first accessible, in-depth biography of the Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist Erwin SchrÖdinger
  • Takes you into the heart of the quantum revolution and explains the captivating world of quantum mechanics, which underpins all of modern science
  • Written by bestselling author John Gribbin, one of today's greatest popular science writers whose other books include In Search of SchrÖdinger's Cat , In Search of the Multiverse, and Alone in the Universe
Format: Hardcover