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Find Your Soul's Purpose

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Find Your Purpose In Life

"…a treasure chest of life tools, spiritual practices and inspiring stories of personal transformation...." ―Neil Douglas-Klotz, author of Desert Wisdom and The Sufi Book of Life

Without purpose, even if we are on the right path, we have no motivation to walk down it. Find Your Soul’s Purpose tackles this question head-on by discussing the divine purpose affixed to each of our souls.

Who am I? It’s a question we have all asked at some point in our lives. Our identities can often seem elusive. Though we know ourselves best, it’s difficult at times to separate who we are from who we want to be―or we feel we are―as opposed to how others see us. We present so many different versions of ourselves to the world that sometimes our true identity gets lost in the process. Writer and spiritual guide Janet Conner is here to help guide us back to ourselves.

Why am I here?  Maybe you’ve been on a steady path for a while, and you’re only now beginning to question if you’ve been heading in the right direction. Maybe you’ve wandered all your life with no direction at all. Either way, you desire an answer to this question―and Conner leads you on a journey to find it.

What is my purpose?  By connecting with our soul, our inner guide, we open ourselves up to embrace the spiritual gifts that each of us possesses. Conner expresses the importance of our soul’s stories and shares how we can find a new life, one infused with meaning and purpose.

Read Find Your Soul’s Purpose and discover:

  • An inspirational and spiritual book
  • Renewal of meaning in your day-to-day life
  • A journey to finding you and your divine purpose

If you’ve enjoyed books such as Finding Your Own North StarA New EarthYour Soul’s Plan, or Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul you’ll gain a further source of inspiration in Find Your Soul’s Purpose. Also try other books by Janet Conner such as Writing Down Your Soul and Lotus and the Lily.

Format: Paperback