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Get a Grip: Your Two Week Mental Makeover

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Learn how to change your life for the better-in just two weeks!

Everyone has things about themselves they'd like to change, relationships they'd like to be smoother, or something in the past they'd like to be more at peace with, but it's not always easy to know what to do or how to get started. Now clinical psychologist and advice columnist Belisa Vranich helps you jumpstart transformation with a remarkable 14-day program of self-action and self-therapy. She motivates you to start your own serious self-examination, get out of your individual ruts, and get moving in the right direction. Get a Grip will give you the means to answer the big questions you are grappling with or the specific ones that are gnawing away at you every day (e.g., Am I meant to be with my partner? Why can't I lose weight? Should I stay at this job?). If all the answers come from within, as long as you are asked the right questions, you can answer and resolve them by yourself!

With a combination of traditional therapy techniques and the author's ""tough love"" mantra, this book offers on-the-go treatment and the keys to emotional problem solving for your own challenges and lingering hang-ups. The book

  • Helps you determine the best course of action to achieve your goals and desires
  • Includes the top twenty most commonly asked questions during a therapy session-and how to tackle them head-on
  • Challenges you, in incremental measures, to dig deeper
  • Shows you how to vent productively and problem solve your own emotional issues
  • Shows how to overcome plateaus and inertia to bring lasting change into your life

If you're through with quick fixes that fizzle or feel that expensive therapy sessions aren't for you, there is another way. Take charge of your life now with Get a Grip-and get started on the path to a happier, less stressed, and more balanced new you.

Format: Hardcover