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More Chinese Brain Twisters: 60 Fast, Fun Puzzles That Help Children Develop Quick Minds

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Get your family's brains going with 57 more creative calisthenics for the mind

In China, for centuries it has been acknowledged that early childhood training supports lifelong intellectual growth. For generations, parents have taught their children ""brain games""--delightful amusements that challenge the intellects of young people while appealing to their senses of fun and play. While growing up in China, Baifang learned scores of such games that both challenged and intrigued her. Now she shares 57 new stick-puzzle, number, and shape games for children and parents everywhere to share and enjoy. A terrific way to stimulate parent-child interaction, these quick and challenging puzzles and brain teasers enhance creative capacity and logic, fostering problem-solving skills and mathematical awareness.

Baifang came to the United States from China in 1977 and earned a degree in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley. Since then, she has worked on various media and cultural exchange programs with China. She is also the author of Chinese Brain Twisters.
Format: Paperback