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Phoenix Rising: The Last Warlord Chronicles, 1

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SKU 9781684426270

In the wake of a world ruined by warring gods and fallen kings, a new darkness rises. Phoenix Rising plunges readers into an epic fantasy tale of war and redemption, vividly rendered in a fast-paced narrative.

Leading a rebellion of outcasts against the very institutions that orchestrated the world's destruction, the Last Warlord cuts a ruthless path toward vengeance. But the cost of his monstrous allies and brutal methods weighs heavy. A lone Knight stands in the way of the Last Warlord, determined to reignite the Warlord’s humanity and redeem the rebellion. Soon, deadly politics and moral conflicts lead the Knight to question whether she is destined to defeat the Last Warlord...or join him.

Phoenix Rising is the immersive introduction to the dystopian Ruin World full of political drama, unique world-building, and complex characters pushed to the brink of their moral limits.

"The writing is clear, the pacing is fast and the story is visually arresting...the morality and ethical conflicts of the story will intrigue fans...the engaging characters will sweep the readers from the first page to the last." —Mark Rein-Hagen, creator of Vampire: The Masquerade and Lostlorn Games

Format: Hardcover