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The Evolution of the Bourbon Whiskey Industry in Kentucky

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Think of Kentucky and there are several images which readily come to mind…Wildcat Basketball, blissful fields of bluegrass, crowds cheering thoroughbred horses at Churchill Downs, and yes, Bourbon. There is a sobering reality in that bourbon has made the greatest impact among those industries which best symbolize Kentucky.

But why exactly is Kentucky bourbon so distinguished from the likes of Tennessee or Canadian Whiskey? Is it the limestone-filtered water or the climate in which the corn and grains are grown? Can it be attributed to some sort of secret family recipe? Essentially, it is all these things combined with a certain work ethic and pride in performance which exists within most Kentuckians. It’s like something an old timer once said about people from this state…he said, “We always aim to please.”

This most interesting material on the makers and the methods of an international institution has something for everyone. No matter if your preferences are with Maker’s Mark or Wild Turkey…Jim Beam, Evan Williams or some other of the countless varieties made for sipping, dipping, cooking or curing, this book contains the most comprehensive listing of those companies known as world leaders in the bourbon industry.

Format: Hardcover