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The Perpetual Summer (The Chuck Restic Mysteries Book 2)

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An HR exec-turned-private eye goes deep into a rich LA family’s dangerous secrets in this “crackling crime yarn” by the author of The Silent Second (Kirkus Reviews).
Corporate HR executive Chuck Restic found a new sense of purpose when he started moonlighting as LA’s most unassuming private investigator. And when he’s offered a hundred grand to find a rich old man’s missing granddaughter, it seems like the kind of case even full-time PI’s only dream about. Then reality sets in. It turns out real estate tycoon Carl Valenti has already paid a hefty ransom for his granddaughter’s release—to no avail. Also, Valenti’s chauffer Hector will be at Chuck’s service throughout his investigation—whether he likes it or not.
The trail leads Chuck to a high-profile fight over a new art museum and a forty-year-old murder that won’t stay in the past. As the list of suspects expands to include the girl’s fitness-obsessed mom, her personal life coach, and even the girl herself, all roads seem to lead back to Valenti. And Chuck begins to wonder if this dream job is going to leave him sleeping with the fishes.
Format: Paperback