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The Shores of Paradise

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From the bestselling author of Hers the Kingdom comes a magnificent saga of unforgettable power—a spellbinding story of passion, honor, and destiny.

In a narrative spanning the final decades of the 1800s, the end of the Hawaiian monarchy, annexation by the Unites States, and World War I, the lives of four starkly different headstrong individuals are inextricably woven.

True Lindstrom was brought to the orphanage at Waikiki as a young girl. As bold as she is fair, True harbors a tragic childhood secret—as well as a fierce love for Evan Coulter, which she will defy fate and circumstance to fulfill. Twelve years older than True, Evan was already a young man the first time he saw her. Lean and handsome, Evan is an accomplished rider with an abiding love for the land and its people. His political future now seems limitless—until his passion for True jeopardizes his marriage and forces a decision that could alter Hawaiian history.

Princess Kaiulani, a delicate child who traces her mother’s ancestry to centuries of Hawaiian royalty, is heiress apparent to the Hawaiian throne. The last hope of the Hawaiian monarchy, Victoria Kaiulani is all too aware of the enormous responsibility placed on her frail shoulders and understands that she will either grow up to rule the islands—or die a martyr to them.

These dynamic lives are woven into a tale by Martha Moon, the gentle teacher who casts herself in the ancient Hawaiian role of storyteller. It is through her eyes that we witness four lifetimes of adversity, sorrow, joy, and ultimate triumph.

Format: Paperback