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White House Pet Detectives: Tales of Crime and Mysteryat the White House from a Pet's-Eye View

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The tradition of pets in the White House goes all the way back to the Founding Fathers. From the parrot and foxhounds of George Washington to Spot and Barney, the current canines of the Bushes, the First Family's animal companions have always had a special place in America's heart.

These various (and often exotic) animals have enjoyed the special privileges of living in the nation's capital, giving them access to the scenes of power. So when something goes awry in the White House, who better to solve it than these pet detectives

Did Rex, Ronald Reagan's King Charles spaniel, play a role in uncovering Irangate What mystery did Franklin Roosevelt's Scottish terrier, Fala, uncover when left on the Aleutian Islands How would some of the more unusual pets, such as John Quincy Adams's pet alligator or Calvin Coolidge hippopotamus, search for clues in the halls of the Executive Mansion

Format: Paperback