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Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?: From Science to the Supernatural, The Many Mysteries of Indiana Jones

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The Ultimate Indiana Jones Companion

The true history, supernatural wonders, and mysteries of Indiana Jones

Could you really use a bullwhip to swing across a chasm? Or rip out a man’s heart without killing him? Was there a Shanghai mob in the 1930s—and did the Nazis have a real-life connection to the occult?

At last, here is the book that finally answers the Indiana Jones–related questions that have troubled you for years. It tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the history, culture, and science behind your favorite Indy scenes and settings. You’ll find out the truth about the Thuggees and their deadly practices, ancient death traps, the Well of Souls, Kali worship in India, the infamous bizarre banquet that included chilled monkey brains, the Sankara Stones, the Cross of Coronado, the Holy Grail, and more.

Get ready for adventure—and more than a few snakes—as you explore the secrets and stories of Indiana Jones and his world. The journey will take you around the globe and through history as you move from ancient Egypt to India, China, and the United States, and from Biblical times to the Spanish Conquest to World War II. You’ll also learn about Indiana himself, including the origins of his trademark fedora, leather jacket, and bullwhip. So why did it have to be snakes? Read the book and find out.

Format: Paperback