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The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism: Orthomolecular Treatment of Addictions

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The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism can help those who suffer from alcohol addiction, their friends and loved ones, and those in the relevant helping professions. Its central message: optimally-nourished individuals do not get addicted. Alcoholism is primarily a metabolic disease that should be treated nutritionally first. The person called an "alcoholic" typically suffers from nutrient deficiency, especially vitamins B1 and B3, and seeks relief by consuming alcohol. Megavitamin therapy is more effective than drugs or counseling. It is also cheaper than counseling, and far safer than any pharmaceutical drug treatment.

Behavioral and psychological treatment approaches have lacked long-term success, largely because they pay little attention to the nutritional needs of alcoholics. In fact, Bill W., the man who cofounded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), actively promoted the concept of megavitamin therapy. Bill W. had long suffered from severe depression, which promptly ended when Bill began to take large doses of vitamin B-3 under the personal direction of Dr. Abram Hoffer. 

Surprisingly, The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism also discusses how nutrition can help stop addictions to cigarettes and hard drugs, including narcotics. If this sounds impossible, then why did psychiatrist Abram Hoffer write this book? If it is possible, this is the missing information that alcoholics and other addiction sufferer need right now.
Format: Paperback