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A Sacrifice of Praise (Second Edition): An Anthology of Christian Poetry in English from Caedmon to the Mid-Twentieth Century

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Thirteen Hundred Years of Christian Praise

This collection of Christian poetry in English is compiled from a spectrum of poets who span thirteen centuries. Beginning with Caedmon (ca. 658–680), the poetry is from the ancient, medieval, Reformation, and modern church periods and from Anglican, Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox poets, as well as mainline and evangelical traditions. Because poetry is a vehicle of praise and exhortation, mediation and understanding, these selections include every form and style of reflection and psalm, from private, personal devotion to hymns and epic forms with godly themes.

We who speak English have thirteen centuries of Christian poetry behind us. It is a deep and broad stream of praise, frequently poured out by men and women who died for the faith in the midst of persecution. While the glory of God may have been diminished by sectarian motives at times, the channel of the stream has always been the faith and an unbroken succession of men and women who have praised God in verse.

Format: Paperback