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The Wilder Nonprofit Field Guide to Developing Effective Teams

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Proven methods for smoother and more productive teamwork

Teamwork is rarely simple, easy, or natural. It’s not enough to announce “we’re a team” and expect results.

The Wilder Nonprofit Field Guide to Developing Effective Teams is a collection of the best tried-and-true team-building methods. All types of nonprofits, community groups, volunteers, and board members can benefit from the tips and processes in this guide. Plus, no matter what role you play on the team, you can use this guide and help bolster your team’s success.
Tools for team start-up
To help your team get going, this guide gives you seven tools and techniques for:
  1. Writing a team mission statement
  2. Setting team goals
  3. Conducting effective team meetings
  4. Creating ground rules
  5. Decision making in teams
  6. Creating team project plans
  7. Developing team spirit
Tools for team maintenance
Even the best teams struggle with challenges. This guide will help you deal with predictable problems and improve teamwork at any stage of your team’s development. You’ll find specific guidance for:
  • Improving team meetings
  • Evaluating overall team effectiveness
  • Resolving conflict within a team
  • Managing conflict between two teams
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Dealing with performance problems
  • Communicating between meetings
With a few tools and a little guidance, most groups of people who want to become a team can do it. The Wilder Nonprofit Field Guide to Developing Effective Teams is just the help you need!
Format: Paperback