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Sensual Sex: Arousing Your Senses and Deepening the Passion in Your Relationship

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Tenderness, sensuousness, and sexual passion all come together in sensual sex...

Just what is "sensual sex"? And how is it different from the sexual thrills promised in other books and programs? According to internationally known relationship expert Beverly Engle, sexual sex:

  • uses all five senses—sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch—for a deeply satisfying erotic experience 
  • focuses on pleasure and surrender, not performance and orgasm

Sensual Sex is not about "quickies" or mechanically aided orgasm, fantasy or pornography; it is about slow, sensuous, artful lovemaking that feels good to both partners. Through a series of innovative exercises and games, readers learn to reconnect with their own bodies and establish intimate trust with lovers.

The book includes a one-of-a-kind "Reawakening Your Senses" program designed ot engage couples in a whole new level of sensation. A section on"Liquid Love" focuses on the sensory pleasures of baths, showers, and essential oils. "Deeper Love" offers an introduction to Tantric sex. And "The Four Seasons of Sensuous Passion" explores the stages of an intimate relationship and the sensual techniques that can strengthen each phase of love.

Sensual Sex can heighten the excitement of new love and put the spark back into long-term relationships. The intimate exercises in Sensual Sex offer new options for those looking to heal relationship woulds. With Sensual Sex you can touch the heart of your partner and feel whole again.

Format: Paperback