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Simultaneous Orgasm: And Other Joys of Sexual Intimacy

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A Sublime Sexual Experience for Committed Couples

This book is for loving couples looking for sexual adventure within a monogamous relationship. For most couples, simultaneous orgasm happen accidentally, but with this book you can easily learn to enjoy them at will—as often as you want!

Discover the Importance of Sexual Intimacy
Sex, orgasm, and simultaneous orgasm in particular create deep emotional bonds between lovers. The program described in this book will enrich every aspect of your relationship. When your energies merge through the special vehicle of simultaneous orgasm, it will improve your communication and strengthen your commitment to and respect for each other.

It's Easy to Learn
Simultaneous orgasm is not only possible, but it can quickly become an important part of your sexual bond. This book, based on techniques developed at the Human Sexuality Center, outlines an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program for partners to become orgasmic, first separately, then simultaneously. It includes:

  • New ways for men to attain the control that will allow them to have multiple orgasms
  • Innovative techniques that allow women to have an orgasm successfully every time
  • Partner exercises that let you experience every orgasm, even multiple orgasms, together

Say Good-Bye to Performance Anxiety
Simultaneous orgasm is the "great equalizer" in bed. It removes tension about who is going to come first or when they're going to come. Many couples report that it makes their sex lives more spontaneous and relaxed—and exciting! The skills that you and your partner will learn along the way will enhance your other lovemaking, from foreplay to postcoital embrace.

Format: Paperback