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The Hot Guide to Safer Sex: The Ideas You Want, the Information You Need to Keep It Sexy and Safe When You're "Doin' the Deed"

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Make your sex life SAFER or Make you sex life HOT.

Now you don't have to choose!

Written by a dynamic young sexologist whom Cosmo calls “the most highly credentialed of these college sexperts,” The Hot Guide to Safer Sex is a lively, down-to-earth look at how to make sex both safer and hotter than ever. Instead of saying, “Don’t do this, don’t do that,” this straight-talking book gives sexually active people the knowledge they need in order to engage freely in incredible, fulfilling sex — without endangering themselves.

Yes, there are risks out there that make it more important than ever to be careful. Yvonne Fulbright’s answer: Eroticize safer sex! Read what she has to say about:

  • what makes you sexually unique — and desirable
  • how to titillate your partner’s erogenous zones
  • how to make putting on a condom one of the hottest
    parts of foreplay
  • the care and feeding of a multi-orgasmic man
  • why you always can in fantasyland — and why it’s good for you

The book’s eighteen chapters come with illustrations and photos that visually explain sexual anatomy, body image, all types of contraceptives, sexual positions, and sex toys. You want to see a picture of a dental dam? You got it. You want to know what a female condom looks like? Search no more. Every aspect of sexual health and healthy sex is explored, including the self-understanding and love that are their foundation.

So lose those myths and misconceptions about safer sex being boring sex and get to know the pleasure-enhancing skills and options that are your sexual birthright.

You owe it to yourself.

Format: Paperback