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Night Whispers: A Story of Evil

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When Justine slipped out of the house to meet her lover Sanford at his cabin in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, she has no idea she would be dead before the night was half over. But then, Sanford had no reason to believe he, too, would suffer the same fate. How could either of them know Scanner, a brilliant psychopath preying on their sleepy East Tennessee mountain community, had murder on his mind?

And whispers...Secret conversations and almost recognized voices teasing the edges of his mind...Scanner had thought of his eavesdropping as a means to an end--fun and games and murder—until the night the whispers began, weaving insidiously into his dark world until he became so obsessed with uncovering their source he could barely keep his mind on killing. Again and again.

And now the hunter has becomes the hunted. Called on behalf of Justine's husband, private investigator Cody Rainwalker is determined to end the killing. With the help of a beautiful and accomplished female deputy sheriff, Cody sets out to discover who is stalking Highwater Town, apparently at random. Is there a connection between his victims? Why does the killer murder them face to face? And why is each victim tagged with a blue ribbon?

The questions will lead Cody to Scanner, and the answers will shock him as deeply as they will surprise the readers of this tightly written work of terror.

Format: Hardcover