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Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians

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When the hardcover of Atomic Iran was published in 2005, few could have anticipated that it would so accurately foretell events that have since taken place in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many who once considered it partisan overkill now take its message very seriously. 

A charter member of the "axis of evil," the rogue state of Iran and the mullahs who govern it are on a collision course with the rest of the world—especially America and Europe. Iran continues to manipulate the price of oil to finance its nuclear endeavors and terrorist activities. And it continues its well-laundered contributions to key U.S. politicians to normalize diplomatic and trade relations between the two nations.

With the election of Mahmaud Ahmadinejad as president, Iran is now in the hands of. aShi'ite Muslim who announced in his Semptember 2005 speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations that his divine purpose was to prepare the way for the return of the Madhi.

The belief in the Second Coming of the Mahdi is similar to the belief of Christians who anticipate the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, with one important difference: the cult of the Mahdi holds that the world must experience an apocalypse before the Mahdi returns. For a head of state to believe his mission from Allah is to cause the apocalypse needed to bring back the Mahdi is extremely dangerous. Ahmadinejad's religious convictions are shocking. Even at the height of the cold war, such ideas were unthinkable.

In Atomic Iran, Jerome R. Corsi sounds a wake-up call to Americans to pay attention to the growing crisis and to hold U.S. politicians accountable for their relationships with and efforts on behalf of the Iranian regime. For years, the world community has labored to negotiate with Iran, all to no avail. The moment Iran has nuclear weapons, everything changes—for the worse.

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