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Beauty from Ashes (The Georgia Trilogy #3)

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A new edition of the best selling third volume of the Georgia Trilogy, presented by Turner Publishing

For three decades, Eugenia Price has entranced millions of readers with her sweeping, romantic chronicles of life in the American South. In all its beauty, glory, infamy, and tragedy, Ms. Price’s South is at once mysterious and heartbreakingly familiar.

Beauty from Ashes is the long-awaited concluding volume in Ms. Price’s Georgia Trilogy, preceded by the New York Times bestseller Bright Captivity and Where Shadows Go. Again, she leads us through her South—by now an aching South that will soon be torn by pain and pride, riven by fierce principles and divided loyalties, but always guided by men and women of uncommon passion.

The sweeping saga of two families of St. Simon’s Island—the Coupers and the Frasers—resumes in 1852, as Anne Couper Fraser grieves the deaths of her husband and her parents.

But fate is as cruel to Anne as history itself would prove to be to the nation: Anne’s family, fallen on hard times, has lost its home. Anne has no choice but to seek refuge, and reluctantly resettles in Marietta, three hundred miles north of her beloved St. Simons Island.

As she begins to piece together her broken life, all around her the society she knows so well is falling apart. The roots of the Civil War are already evident. Anne’s family, like the South itself, seethes with internal conflict. Her son and grandson, who find it impossible to spurn their Southern heritage, enlist in the Confederate Army. Anne, in strong sympathy with the Unionists, finds her life disintegrating once again, and the family, the region, and the nation begin an agonizing collapse.

But Anne, like the Union, endures. She learns that even in life’s cruelest circumstances, there is always a place for the unquenchable human spirit to find a refuge, and to blossom anew.

Filled with characters drawn from history and from Eugenia Price’s rich imagination, Beauty from Ashes is a memorable finale to her admired Georgia Trilogy. An inspirational story of courage, love, and friendship, it will delight longtime Price fans and introduce the Georgia author to a new generation of readers.

Format: Hardcover