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Being Right Is Not Enough: What Progressives Can Learn from Conservative Success

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""Waldman's book is terrific-good sense mustered with evidence, well argued, and sharply written to boot. I agree fervently with almost everything he writes. This is the indispensable book for the 2006 elections.""
--Todd Gitlin, author of The Sixties and The Twilight of Common Dreams
""A well-sourced, partisan blueprint for undoing Republican control of the nation.""
--Publishers Weekly
""Here's the ticket for Democrats to get back in power: read this book, understand what it means to be a true American progressive, expose conservatives as the mean elitists they are, get tough, and fight back. Nobody paints the strengths of progressives and the weaknesses of conservatives like Paul Waldman.""
--Bill Press, author How the Republicans Stole Christmas
""With clarity and passion, Paul Waldman demonstrates persuasively that the forces of the right have not 'taken over the country, ' as the media often lazily put it. They've only taken over politics. That can be reversed, and Waldman shows exactly how.""
--Michael Tomasky, Editor, the American Prospect
Format: Hardcover