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Daughters of the Desert: Stories of Remarkable Women from Christian, Jewish and Muslim Traditions

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How would the most cherished stories of Christianity, Judaism and Islam be different if women were the active central figures?

This ground-breaking collection of short stories brings to life the women—daring, brave, thoughtful and wise—who played important and exciting roles in the early days of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Join Esther as she stands against injustice and her king to save her people, Aisha as she leads hundreds of men into terrifying battle and Mary as she and Elizabeth dream of the new lives growing inside them. How must Sarah have felt, turning Hagar out into the desert? And how must Hagar have felt, traveling from the safety and security of Abraham's land toward an uncertain future? These stories invite us to come to know and appreciate the struggles and triumphs of these women—mothers, daughters, believers and seekers.

Format: Hardcover