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Honest to God Prayer: Spirituality as Awareness, Empowerment, Relinquishments and Paradox

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Maybe you're praying and you don't even know it.

In this unique and encouraging guide to prayer, Kent Ira Groff, a longtime retreat leader and inspiring writer-poet, explores how to engage in spirituality that blesses your soul—and the world. Whether you’re advanced or just starting on your spiritual path, this practical prayer path breaker will lure you in with its novel combination of touching, real-life stories, pithy thoughts and inspiring prayer practices.

For those turned off by shopworn religious language, it offers innovative ways to pray in four metaphorical movements that parallel both Native American traditions and Ignatian spirituality:

  • East—Morning / Prayer as Awareness
    Waking up to reality—opening
  • South—Noon / Prayer as Empowerment
    Embracing your dreams and possibilities—expanding
  • West—Afternoon / Prayer as Relinquishment
    Letting go of attachments—emptying
  • North—Night / Prayer as Paradox
    Uniting the opposites of life—integrating

Prayer practices for each of the four "movements" provide for personal and group enrichment at home and work, in formal programs and informal friendships. They interweave the author’s own experience to say: "This is honest to God spirituality and I’m seeing myself."

Format: Paperback