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Lane Kirkland: Champion of American Labor

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The untold story of Lane Kirkland, labor leader and advocate for the American worker

""This book tells the story of one of the true heroes of the struggle for freedom from totalitarianism. Through the skillful use of the power he exercised as the leader of American labor, and through his own unshakeable commitment, Lane Kirkland played a crucial role in our peaceful revolution in Poland. He did much more. Throughout the world, millions of free people owe him a debt of gratitude for his service to the democratic cause. I am gratified that the full account of his indispensable contribution to freedom has finally been written.""
--Lech Walesa, founder of Solidarity and former president of Poland

""Lane Kirkland believed in freedom and would fight for his beliefs. Here is a portrait of his tough, principled, and consistent brand of leadership. We can admire him and learn from him.""
--George P. Schultz

""I knew Lane Kirkland well. While he may not always have been able to secure the influence of the American labor movement he represented, he always supported the interests of the workers with great dedication and showed willingness to compromise. . . . [With] this biography, the man and his work will always be remembered. The book will also find considerable interest in Germany.""
--Helmut Schmidt, former chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (1974?1982)

""Lane was a crusader for freedom and I can testify on the basis of personal involvement that his role in the defeat of Stalinism was second to none.""
--Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter
Format: Hardcover