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Making a Difference

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Teaching Good Manners for Kids (Ages 4-6)

From Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed., former first grade teacher and the author of the award-winning Learning to Get Along series and the Being the Best Me series for young children, comes Making a Difference.

Kindness, courtesy, respect, and purpose for kids. Through positive and motivating text, Making a Difference assures children that they are important, helps them make good choices, and reassures them that what they do matters. Boost your child's confidence and sense of purpose as you read and affirm that their hopeful thoughts, kind words, and good choices can make a difference to themselves and others. Making a Difference is a book that can help build social skills and character, teach life lessons to your children, and put them on a pathway to kindness, courtesy, respect, and purpose.

Make the world a better place. Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations accompany Cheri's purposeful storytelling as she shows us once again how children can help to make the world a better place. Back pages include discussion questions, scenarios, games, and role-play activities that help adults reinforce the book’s positive message.

If you liked children’s books such as Kindness Starts With You - At School, Being Nice to Others, Listening With My Heart, My Strong Mind, or It’s OK to be Different, you’ll love Making a Difference by Cheri J. Meiners.

Format: Hardcover