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Murder Most Feline: Cunning Tales of Cats and Crime

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When Law Meets Paw . . .

The result is this delightful anthology of seventeen courtroom tales by top-notch mystery writers. Cats and mysteries go hand-in-hand, no doubt. After all, what other animal is as mysterious as the common — yet never ordinary —house cat? What lurks behind that smug expression? What hidden secrets belie that indifferent stare?

Always dignified, cats are quick to deal out their own justice with a claw or bite, and so it is only natural we find them in a variety of roles in these feline mysteries. Cats take the stand in their own defense to pounce on criminals, provide evidence, and turn the legal system on its collective ear — all in the name of justice. From a private eye who goes to bat for a cat's inheritance to a common mouser who turns out to be quite a bit more during a high-profile murder trial, these tales of crime are as crafty and cunning as kitties themselves — and just as entertaining!

The jury has returned, the bailiff is calling the court to order, and the judge is staring at the jury. Sit back and get ready to watch law meet paw in these mostly original stories.

Format: Paperback