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Notoriously Dapper

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Life Skills for the Modern Gentleman

Surprisingly original and wildly entertaining! ─ Amazon Review

#1 New Release in Etiquette

Being a true modern gentleman is a genuine class act and increasingly rare. Manliness in our modern era is worth learning about and the dividends will pay off for a lifetime.

Life skills according to Kelvin Davis. No one in the world is better suited than Kelvin Davis, (we’re talking really nice suits, too) to provide the ultimate guide to being a modern gentleman. A fresh voice in style, attitude, manners and body confidence, Kelvin is a model and major Instagram influencer who has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan and much more. Davis is also a leading light in the body confidence movement for men, offering empowerment and wisdom that contributes to building self-esteem. In his words, “…clothing has sizes but style does not.”

Building body confidence. Notoriously Dapper is a treasury of information covering life skills from how to date (Hint, pulling up and waiting for her in your car is wrong, you’re not freaking Uber!) to social skills to etiquette for all occasions, even including counsel on improving your character. Whether you are at a weekend wedding with your friends, courting a new lady, being a great colleague at work or becoming a dad, Notoriously Dapper provides practical information and inspiration for the modern gentleman seeking to build life skills.

Inside learn important life skills such as how to:

  • Tie your own damn tie
  • Be the perfect wedding guest
  • Treat your women right, from ages 8 to 80
  • Get along with pretty much anybody
  • Ask for a woman's hand in marriage
  • Live, laugh and love your life

If you have read books such as How to Be a Gentleman, The Modern Gentleman, or I’m Not Yelling, you’ll love Notoriously Dapper.

Format: Paperback