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Pocket Detox

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This book is the perfect no-nonsense introduction to detox. In a world where so many books and authors keep telling readers they don’t drink enough water - eat the wrong kind of foods - don’t get enough sleep or exercise - maybe drink and smoke too much, Pocket Detox offers its positive alternative: readers can reverse damage and increase their health and energy levels and lose weight at the same time.

This little pocket guide is the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. It is full of immediate, practical, and affordable tips for removing toxins from body, mind, and home so that readers can function at full potential. With the food and health choices explained in this book, detox is a delicious and easy way to feel better within a matter of weeks - or even days.

Detox has been around a while and is a simple idea: getting toxins and poisons out frees up energy and allows the body to get stronger and healthier. The program outlined in Pocket Detoxwill help people feel more energetic yet relaxed. Beneficial side effects include weight loss, glowing skin, better digestion and even an energy boost that could help kick addictions.

And Pocket Detox shows readers how to do all this without spending a lot of money on vitamin supplements or special programs, and with no time-consuming activities like counting calories. Easy, bite-sized chapters cover topics such as stress, sleep, drinking enough water, and decreasing consumption of toxic foods. Easy-access charts serve as a quick reference for planning meals and activities. The book includes tips on removing toxins from your home and environment and managing stress.

The reader can use this book as an introduction to healthy choices for life, or just use the tips and advice to do a quick weekend or week-long detox program when they feel run down. Both a guide to healthy lifestyle changes and a short detox program, this little book delivers big benefits!
Format: Paperback