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Positive Options for Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS): Self-Help and Treatment

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This book contains information on an increasingly common autoimmune disorder. Also called "sticky blood" and Hughes Syndrome, APS makes one's blood clot too easily, creating high risk of stroke, thrombosis, and premature heart attack. It is also implicated in many other health problems including repeated miscarriages, neurological problems, eary dementia and migraines. It is often associated with lupus, and mimics the symptoms of other diseases, including MS.

Symptoms include; migraines and headaches, recurrent miscarriage, memory loss, slurred speech, blood clots, poor circulation, muscle pain and cramps, blurred vision, extreme fatigue, epilepsy, strokes, thrombosis and a form of angina. Because of lack of knowledge of APS in the medical establishment, sufferers are often misdiagnosed with MS or other more life-threatening conditions.

This book helps the reader identify the symptoms and provides important information on diagnosis and treatment of APS. It contains many moving stories, explaining how people eventually got a diagnosis, their symptoms, the impact of APS on their lives and whether or not treatment has worked.

Written in collaboration with Dr. Graham Hughes, the major researcher of APS in the UK, this book provides a clearly written informative look at an important but little-known disease.
Format: Paperback