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Practical Interfaith: How to Find Our Common Humanity as We Celebrate Diversity

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Interfaith as a Faith—A Way to Move Past Preaching about Love and Compassion to Actually Practicing Them

"A commitment to Interfaith is no small commitment. Nor is it an easy commitment. But I do believe it can be a rewarding and healing one. Interfaith widens our world. And, if we let it, Interfaith frees us from the imprisoning shackles of one of the most debilitating of all human emotions—fear of the 'other.'"

—from Chapter 6

The interfaith movement is taking root. More and more of us are exploring it. At the same time interfaith finds itself at a crossroads. Where do we go now?

Rev. Steven Greenebaum not only suggests the faith of Interfaith as a positive way forward but also offers a practical, down-to-earth approach to a more spiritually fulfilling life. In this accessible how-to guide, Greenebaum addresses:

  • What it means to practice Interfaith as a faith and why you might want to embrace it.

  • Why you can choose Interfaith as a faith and still keep your own spiritual tradition.

  • How to establish the necessary foundations to start an Interfaith spiritual community.

  • How to choose the right minister for your Interfaith community.

  • What you can expect as your community forms and grows.

  • And much, much more.

Along with offering resources such as Interfaith liturgy and guides to Interfaith church governance, he includes the voices of members of the Living Interfaith Church, the community he founded, to share their whys and hows of participating in an Interfaith church.

Format: Paperback