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Reflections of the Heart: What Our Animal Companions Tell Us

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Do our animal companions understand us? How can we understand them? Reflections of the Heart gives us Sharon Callahan's thought-provoking perspective on animal-human relationships. Definitely a most illuminating read for all animal lovers.
-David Frei, cohost of The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

""Thanks to Deborah DeMoss Smith, readers of Reflections of the Heart will be touched and healed profoundly by animal intuitive Sharon Callahan's life and work, just as we have been-along with the hundreds of friends, family, veterinary clients, and patients to whom we've introduced her.""
-Bob Goldstein, D.V.M., and Susan Goldstein, Earth Animal and the Healing Center for Animals

""A gold mine of inspiration, compassion, and love. Anyone who loves animals will love them even more after reading this wonderful collection of stories. Deborah DeMoss Smith knows just how to reconnect us with the magic, splendor, and awe of our animal kin through Sharon Callahan's intuitive experience.""
-Marc Bekoff, Professor of Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, and coauthor of The Ten Trusts (with Jane Goodall)

Jerry, a tabby cat distressed by a beloved family member's departure for college. Jupiter, a macaw parrot who yearned to live among his own kind. Rudy, a border collie whose grave illness did not stop him from keeping his profound promise to the young girl who loved him. All of these animals spoke with their human companions through the extraordinary gift of animal intuitive Sharon Callahan.

Now award-winning journalist Deborah DeMoss Smith relates these and many other true, inspirational tales of the human and animal lives Callahan has touched. Reflections of the Heart illustrates how the sometimes puzzling behavior of animals often mirrors our own actions and feelings. These stirring accounts offer a window into the emotional, mental, and spiritual lives of our animal companions-and remarkable insight into the special bond between animals and people.
Format: Paperback