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Righteous Gentiles in the Hebrew Bible: Ancient Role Models for Sacred Relationships

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Who are the ancient role models for the sacred relationship
between Jews and non-Jews today?

Now more than ever, gentiles are an integral part of the Jewish community. But they are not new to the Jewish story. In fact, righteous gentiles go back to Abraham. The story of the Jewish people can’t be told without them.

Noted author and educator Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin provides an informative and inspiring look at the sympathetic non-Israelite characters of the Hebrew Bible and the redemptive relationships they had with the Jewish people. Relying on biblical and extra-biblical sources, he introduces each character, drawing lessons from the life of each that will be relevant to you, whatever your faith tradition. They include the …

  • First gentile to bless a Jew
  • First woman to hear the Divine voice and save a Jewish baby
  • First teacher of morality to the Jews
  • First gentile mother of Jewish children
  • Gentile midwives who invented civil disobedience
  • Mother of Moses and nurturer of the Jewish people
  • Father-in-law and teacher of Moses
  • First “gentile Zionist”
  • Gentile warrior who fought for the Israelites
  • Gentile contractor for Solomon’s Temple
  • Gentiles who acknowledged God and repented
  • Creator of the Second Jewish Commonwealth
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