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Take Charge Now!: Powerful Techniques for Breaking the Blame Habit

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""Comprehensively covers many deadly aspects of blaming-blaming oneself, other people, and external conditions-and does so in an exceptionally clear, readable, and charming manner.""-Albert Ellis, Ph.D., President, Albert Ellis Institute for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
""Dr. Knaus provides a clear path away from fault-finding and condemnation to a tolerant, assertive, and fufilling modus vivendi. I heartily recommend it!""-Arnold Lazarus, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Rutgers University
Take charge of your life once and for all with this proven program for ending the blame habit
""Who's to blame?"" Is this your first thought when something goes wrong? Do you find yourself trapped in a web of finger-pointing, criticism, and fault-finding when there's a problem? Or does fear of blame or criticism paralyze you into inaction? Bestselling author and therapist William Knaus shows you how to overcome the self-destructive tendency to blame and achieve a more rewarding and happier life. Here, you'll learn valuable steps to increase your ability to resolve conflicts, improve your self-confidence, and avoid damaging ""blame traps"" that can frustrate personal and professional fulfillment.
Take Charge Now! provides you with the necessary skills to recognize potential blame situations and defuse them with confidence. You'll also learn to build stronger relationships as you discover how to understand other points of view while standing up for your own.
Packed with imaginative ideas and thought-provoking exercises, Take Charge Now! presents a vital program for improving your life
Format: Paperback