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Thanking & Blessing—The Sacred Art: Spiritual Vitality through Gratefullness

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A life filled with blessing is already within your reach.

With ever-increasing pressures building in our lives, we often slip into believing that the world is a burdensome place. As a result, our souls tighten, our hearts become dull, and our joy slowly drains away.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. Through penetrating reflections and practical tips for uncovering the blessed wonder in our lives—even in trying circumstances—Jay Marshall shows you how to recapture the goodness, holiness and abundance that saturate our world. The secret lies in opening yourself to divine blessings, which inspires thankfulness, and responding by sharing that spirit with others in acts of thanking and blessing. Practices that will change your perspective, and your life, include:

  • Expectant Waiting—slowing down to perceive the presence of the Divine within you
  • Sacramental Living—experiencing the Sacred in every situation
  • Walking Cheerfully—cultivating a positive disposition
  • Answering that of God” in Others—elevating everyday interactions to the realm of spiritual discovery

Whatever your spiritual tradition, this thoughtful book will help you rediscover your profound connection to God, to others and to the world.

Format: Paperback