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The Accelerating Universe: Infinite Expansion, the Cosmological Constant, and the Beauty of the Cosmos

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Advance Praise for The Accelerating Universe

""""The Accelerating Universe"" is not only an informative book about modern cosmology. It is rich storytelling and, above all, a celebration of the human mind in its quest for beauty in all things.""
--Alan Lightman, author of Einstein's Dreams

""This is a wonderfully lucid account of the extraordinary discoveries that have made the last years a golden period for observational cosmology. But Mario Livio has not only given the reader one clear explanation after another of what astronomers are up to, he has used them to construct a provocative argument for the importance of aesthetics in the development of science and for the inseparability of science, art, and culture.""
--Lee Smolin, author of ""The Life of the Cosmos""

""What a pleasure to read! An exciting, simple account of the universe revealed by modern astronomy. Beautifully written, clearly presented, informed by scientific and philosophical insights.""
--John Bahcall, Institute for Advanced Study

""A book with charm, beauty, elegance, and importance. As authoritative a journey as can be taken through modern cosmology.""
--Allan Sandage, Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington

Format: Paperback