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The Art of Dreaming

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Discover a Better Way of Dream Working

“The insights some of Mellick's patients gained from their dreams ring true.”—Library Journal

The Art of Dreaming ushers in a new era of dream work with innovative techniques and ideas. Perfect for the creative mind, you’ll truly understand the meaning of dreams through this revolutionary approach to dream analysis through artistic expression.

Dream, create, and discover the power of the unconscious mind through these new dream working techniques. Have you ever woken up from a dream wondering what it could mean, only to be disappointed by the generic answers found in traditional dream analysis books? Felt boxed-in and uninspired by the same old prompt to record or write about your dreams? You’re not alone. Different than dream books of the past, author Jill Mellick marries the best of dream, art, and psychotherapy books, teaching dream interpretation on a personal level through art, so you’ll actually make some headway on your personal journey—whatever that may be.

Discover the true power of vulnerability and create highly personal, inspired art. Dreams are nothing more than our subconscious at play—our most creative interpretations of our deepest desires and fears. By addressing them in different mediums through guided activities, readers learn to work with the deep and essential meanings of their dreams, find the medium which is most natural to them, and create unique, meaningful art.

Inside, find:

  • The basics of dream working and expressive dream working
  • Answers to questions like “Why do I keep having the same dream?” and “How do I do expressive dream work with my nightmares?”
  • Instructions for projects which can completed in 5, 10, or 15 minutes to interpret dreams through art in different mediums

If you liked books about dreams such as Inner Work, The Dream Interpretation Dictionary, or When Brains Dream, you’ll love The Art of Dreaming.

Format: Paperback